Location: The Wreck-Hall


In a city that spans the asteroid belt, where do the people go to socialize?  The Wreck-Hall!  It’s a gigantic, unidentified ship that crashed into one of the asteroids centuries ago.  There were no life forms aboard, and its origin is not known.  

A large part of the hull was still intact, so after some initial cleanup, life-support and gravity were brought back online and the ship was repurposed as a combination shopping mall/rec-center. 

It’s now the largest spaceport in the system – if you have a ship, you pass through The Wreck at some point.  It serves a spectrum of visitors, from the posh to the sketchy.  Each floor has its own distinct culture: a wealthy aristocrat knows not to set foot in the low-class floors, just as a drifter knows not to show his face in the upscale areas where the police presence is much more attentive.


Areas within the Wreck-Hall include:
  • Arcades with sports arenas, band stages, and competition video games (in my campaign, Belt residents belt thrive on challenging each other in the skills that won them their godhood)
  • Food courts featuring galactic cuisine
  • Hotels, malls, flea markets, entertainment
  • Hookah lounges, vegan juice bars, coffee shops
  • “The Singularity,” a dance club

Possible Plot Usages
  • Fills in for the generic “tavern” as a placed for PCs to hear rumors, pick up jobs, meet NPCs, etc.
  • Establish an enemy or rival NPC – he might only be able to challenge you to a game (or even get into a fistfight with you) here, but makes it clear he’ll be trouble if he ever meets you out of town.
  • There’s technology still on board that the salvagers have repurposed for recreational purposes (zero-gee games, mood-alteration fields, atmospheric-lighting, etc).  But since they don’t know what this stuff originally did, playing with it could lead to any number of harmful side effects…
  • The ship is big, and there are rooms that have not been explored – or at least have not been seen by the public.  After all, the Wreck brings in a good deal of income and its backers may not have been too thorough in making sure the ship was completely dormant…