Location : The Hall Of Champions

The archive in the basement of the wizard school. Some ruins deep in the jungle that contain an untranslated wall of text. A cerebral interface with the akashic records.

Almost any place the PCs go to acquire plot information can be thought of as a “library.”

But think about that for a moment. If any place can be a library, then when the PCs go for information, you can send them literally anywhere – even somewhere they’d have to travel to. So why be content with putting plain old regular libraries in your game?

Next time your players are looking for a place to roll their research check, give them a library location that’s the Grand Central of the topic they’re looking for.

This is a library of the lore of gods and heroes, from my FAME campaign. (For another cool library mod, check out the Crystal Library!)

The main area is a huge cathedral of black stone. Gothic windows stretch from the floor to the vaulted ceiling – easily 400 feet up.

Colossal 60-foot statues of gods and heroes are posed throughout the hall in moments of struggle or triumph.

The view outside the windows is rugged, uncivilized, and inspiring. Depending on your gameworld and where you place the Hall, this could mean that huge mountains, a continental divide, a sprawling desert, etc. dominate the view. (in my game, the view was the void of space and the shimmering asteroids of the Olympus asteroid cluster where the library is built)

The hall contains archives for the full recordings of exploits of the Heroes of Old, residential cells for the ascetics who study and translate said data.

It also contains training grounds and sports arenas for those who would make a more physical study of the Heroes by learning their techniques from masters who have devoted their lives to the subject.

Visual Storytelling
The first 200 feet of the sanctuary are lined with bas relief telling the stories of the great heroes of your world’s history. The material of the carving glows with its own luminescence, so light and shadow around it never interfere with the artist’s vision; the gently pulsing light makes the carvings appear to be moving.

The Hall of Champions is THE repository for definitive knowledge on the lives of the Heroes, their deeds, everything they ever encountered.

In addition to this knowledge, you can stock the Hall with NPCs who know prophecies that may refer to the heroes, or can send them on the next leg of their journey by interpreting the ancient texts.

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