FAME Campaign Overview

Extra post today to let you know about my group's new campaign. Watch Mondays for session vlogs, and Thursdays for NPCs/locations/scenes, etc.
- GMGenie

The Story
The Near Future. In a world where corporations have supplanted governments... where commercials are nonexistent because all entertainment is commercials... where fast food chains have given up the pretense of selling food and instead sell flavored spray...

A new era of pop music has dawned, and Middle Road is the #1 band in the world.

Music producers pulled musicians from all genres of music to appeal to the widest possible range of demographics. Breaking all previous records, Middle Road has become the most popular band in history. According to the last UN world-census, every sentient creature on earth knows the name of Middle Road.

But now the band has caught attention from beyond earth...

After playing a concert in a specially constructed, million-seater auditorium, the band receives a strange summons from the Olympus asteroid cluster. They meet a community of heroes from throughout the solar system - heroes whose very fame and notoriety elevated them to the status of literal gods. They come here to live among their own kind and to watch over the solar system. After long deliberation, the High Council has decided to give the members of Middle Road the Nectar and Ambrosia, converting their mortal bodies into divine.

Core Concepts
Fame is the strongest energy source in the universe. Even when channeled through the hands of the uninitiated, it can manifest in impossible feats. Thus the kings, pharaohs, and demigods of old received their power.

But Nectar and Ambrosia (naturally occurring but exceptionally rare substances) convert a mortal body so it can make full use of Fame energy. This grants certain generic powers - such as invulnerability to radiation and vacuum, and the ability to "swim" through space - as well as unpredictable, unique powers to every god.

Look and Feel
Goofy high tech earth – looks like a movie set in 2100 but made in the 80s.

Olympus and non-earth planets each have an ancient-world aesthetic, ranging from Greco to Conan.

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