Guest Post - NPC: Stefan Lindman

Today we have a guest post from GMGenie reader Stephen Mouring!
As a role player, I often find myself mentally translating characters from fiction into RPG settings - either those who have memorable personalities or just a clearly defined set of traits that make them versatile, interesting, and playable as PCs or NPCs.
Recently I finished the first season of the Swedish TV Show Wallander, and I immediately wanted to put the character Stefan Lindman in an RPG. An interesting and non-cliched character who adds a lot of depth to the show, I thought he would make the perfect NPC write up! 
In the spirit of GMGenie, I have constructed this character write up in terms of "story impacting traits" instead of the typical "description, traits, roleplaying notes" structure common elsewhere. I think it helps focus you exclusively on how the NPC interacts with the story instead of an artificial structure that you have to translate back and forth when running a scenario.

Stefan Lindman - Characteristics
Tall, Dark, and Handsome.  Stefan has dark hair just past his ears which he keeps slicked back and a sparse, but well-kept goatee.  

Stefan is suave and flirtatious. This can be both an asset (easily influencing women to give up information they might not otherwise) and a liability (he flirts with any woman he finds attractive, and gets into trouble for sleeping with coworkers).  He has yet to establish a steady relationship.

Rarely in uniform, Stefan wears casual but stylish clothes in dark colors; when he has to put on an official appearance he just wears his police jacket. 
Let’s get these *******s!  Hot headed and fiercely committed to his view of justice; often jumps at the first lead or assumes the first suspect's guilt.   

Seeing a breach of justice makes Stefan surly and impetuous. He swears frequently. He does not handle personal conflict well, quickly becoming hostile.  He is not a fool, and will listen to better advice, but he finds it hard to follow if continually under provocation.
Always the first to act. Stefan served in the Special Forces before his Police career, so he often prefers an aggressive response to a legal one.  He takes initiative when others hesitate; sometimes he acts wrongly.  He is a capable and skilled officer, but can overestimate his abilities.  
In any situation where a risky action would help, Stefan must pass a will check (modified by the danger of inaction) to resist taking action.  Stefan often exposes himself to significant personal danger, almost to the point of lacking a sense of self preservation; he once spontaneously walked, unarmed, into a bank where a bomber had taken hostages to negotiate the release of innocent bystanders.  
Good with Children. Stefan likes and is liked by children; he provides a bonus to influence a child. He quickly establishes rapport with young witnesses, and easily adopts the figure of a role model with older children.
Sniper. While skilled with a handgun, Stefan is an expert with a sniper rifle.

He holds the current accuracy record in his police precinct.  On several occasions he has brought down a violent, fleeing suspect or provide protective fire for coworkers.
Bad Cop.  Despite his lean build, he can easily intimidate criminals or unsavory types.  He is an aggressive - almost violent - interrogator, and does not hesitate to threaten anyone to get the information he needs.

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